Wedding Planning

It’s no surprise that planning a wedding can make you a little stressed from time to time however, one thing I didn’t realize as a bride is that there are many levels of emotional phases you may go through before getting married.

During these stages you will be giddy one moment to anxious or disinterested the next. I wanted to share my experience but I’d love to hear which stages, if any, you’ve added to your list!

Stage 1 Happy

On this stage you are very excited to start the next journey. “This is really happening!” Goes through your mind a lot during this stage. Remember the Pharrell Williams song “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth; Because I’m happy”.

Let the dress shopping begin ….

The Winner


Dress: Winnie Couture

Stage 2: Organize

How do we make the wedding reflective of our personalities? Who do we invite? What will be our wedding date? Luckily, Pinterest was only one click away to give me inspiration for our wedding. I remember searching through message boards desperately searching for ideas. And then there was the biggest question of all: How much is this all going to cost? During our planning we had a motto “Stay Focused” because everything was coming our way full speed, forcing us to prioritize what was most important, and make sacrifices over the next year.

Once we snapped out of our bubble, we realized that executing our wedding would be much more difficult than we thought. We wanted to plan the wedding of our dreams with no help financially from anyone. For this reason, our engagement was almost 23 months. This allowed us to create a budget and cut corners by doing some DIY projects.

Stage 3: Creative

I am thankful that Marcus & I had the opportunity to research all of our vendors together, as it was very important for us to hire professionals that were dedicated to their craft. We also decided to cut cost by creating DIY projects such as wedding invitations, signage for the wedding/reception, and wedding programs.

My first DIY project for the wedding was designing our wedding programs, invitations, and signage.


Frames: Ikea $11.00 & $1.00 each 8×11

Card Stock Paper: $0.16

Amazon Fan Stick $5.99






Stage 4: Overwhelmed

Luckly, during this stage my Bachelorette Weekend eased the tension from all of the wedding planning. It was the perfect way for me to let my hair down and just spend time with my girls. We traveled to Miami South Beach for a weekend full of surprises that included; shopping, exercising on the beach, a professional photo shoot, and having a random dance off.

Beach Workout







Snap Chat Filter

Dinner at Yard Bird




IMG_4947 (3)

South Beach Miami Photo Shoot

Swag & Surfing Style


bachelorette pic
Decinta’s Something BLUE crew




Beach Bachelorrette Pictures by: Lbournephotography

One of our pictures was published on the Essence website check out the article:

Stage 5: Acceptance

As you enter into this new journey, its very important to understand you will not be able to take everyone with you. I had to learn this the hard way as I did lose some “friends” during this wedding planning. I’ve matured spirtually and that has allowed me to move on and be at peace with everything.

People Come Into Your Life For A Reason, A Season, Or A Lifetime

Look around you and ask yourself who will be in your life ten years from now?

Wedding pictures are FOREVER.

Unfortunately, many friendships are not. Consider carefully whether the people you choose to stand beside you on the most meaningful day of your life, are the same people you truly want to stand beside you for the rest of your life.










Stage 6: Excitement

Finally, after months of planning and preparation, you’ve reached the night before your wedding. After our rehearsal dinner the bridal party headed back to our hotel suite to have a slumber party. We played games, talked, and laughed all night. It was the best way to get my mind off everything. Before calling it a night, I recieved this special book with best wishes/love from my bridal party, family members, and Marcus.


Wedding Party



Wedding Pictures by: Yah Photography




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