One Super Easy Way to Wear Cargo Shorts

Let me first say thank you to my wonderful photograher Marcus my amazing husband. He’s been taking most of my pictures for me… Thanks Bae



Here’s how I wore my cargo shorts this weekend….

I was unable to find some comfortable army fatigue cargo shorts in the Women’s section at Burlington Coat Factory. So I wondered into the Young Men section and grabbed a couple of shorts.

These shorts were quite eye-catching, so I paired them with a plain white T-shirt.  My Old Navy jean jacket was just enough to achieve a cool street look for the spring time.

I’ve been dying to get me some Reebok Classic “all white” sneakers. So when I saw them in the store this past weekend I just knew it was fate. I only wear sneakers when I workout but these will definitely be in rotation this spring.

** Insert Jumping for Joy** ……. Yasssss! Reebok Classic Shoes ARE BACK ….

6FFF884F-7FA3-417F-8C63-285D2C8DB438.jpeg F03E6091-0DC3-49C1-9C66-292101ACBD8E30A632ED-E9E8-4E23-9DF8-4B47F97B5F79



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