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We just started our debt free journey last month, so decorating our new place with WorldMarket or Crate & Barrel furniture was out of the question. I decided to do a DIY project to decorate our place in a very affordable way. My first DIY project was this chic marble style desk. I was considering a plain black finish until I came across a DIY using marble adhesive/ contact paper and thought I had to try it. This project was under $25 … Woot Woot!! 

For this project you will need:

Here you have my $15 all black desk from Walmart open box & my Marble Contact Paper from Amazon.



Step: 1 Measure Your Desk & Contact Paper

Your first step is to measure the piece of contact paper. The top of the desk should be measured first because it requires the most contact paper.  Be sure to leave at least an extra two inches on both sides, in order to wrap the paper all the way around the edges. Make sure you mark where you need to cut on your contact paper. Don’t worry…this paper has grid lines just in case you don’t have a ruler or anything to measure the paper.   

Carefully peel back the paper from the top corner of your cut sheet. Once you have about four inches or peeled back, start attaching it on the top of the desk; wrap it all the way around the edge. Continue to slowing press down on the desktop. 

Step 2: Assemble Your Desk 




Step 3: Trim your edges 



Give it a final smooth and voila – you’re finished! Stand back and admire your handwork. 

I’m pretty thrilled with the overall result, the contact paper offers a softer working surface than real marble. This project required very few tools and materials, but let me warn you that working this adhesive paper demands patience. I can’t wait to get some work done on my new office desk.



Desktop Decor From Dollar Tree 


Dollar Tree List

3 Bundles Silk Flowers

4 Gold Frames

2 Green Form

2 Make-up Containers





TJ Maxx Message Board


  Let me know in the comments some of your favorite office quotes for my message board!   

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