How to Thrift Shop Like A Pro|Tips & Tricks


I absolutely love thrifting so I thought I’d share some tips I’ve picked up over the years. I have found so many nice pieces such as;  Tory Burch pants, Lacoste sweater,  Etienne Aigner shirt, J. Crew slacks and more…

Here’s my list 

  • Set Your Budget: Have at least $40 dollars in cash because some thrift shops don’t take credit or debt cards. You also don’t want to over spend during your shopping spree. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes & shoes: I enjoy wearing workout clothes and comfortable sneakers.
  • Choose a day when you have  flexibility in your schedule: I love going on the weekdays because it’s less crowded, and you are not rushing through the racks. 
  • Bring Your Headphones: This will help you get into your zone while shopping for the right pieces. 
  • Bring pictures of inspirational outfits: This makes it fun and exciting to recreate an outfit you’ve seen on social media, in magazines, or Pinterest.  
  • Don’t purchase anything that you are not in LOVE with: Make sure you LOVE EVERY item you place into your cart, and would actually wear.
  • Check your Items: Make sure you check each items for holes, missing buttons, broken zipper, tears, snags, scratches, odors, stains. You don’t want to get home with items you can’t return.
  • Location is Key: I have observed that some thrift stores in more affluent neighborhoods usually have a better selection. This is not always the case, it sometimes depends on the store. 
  • Research Store Sales: Many thrift shops do tag sales, where they further reduce the prices of items — designated by the color of their price tags. Also, make sure you sign up for any rewards or loyalty programs. The store may send you emails with sales and coupons. I always check my email for specials or coupons before I go to any Goodwill.   
  • Have fun. There’s something about entering a thrift shop that has so much potential. You get to create your own style from past styles of so many others. Make sure you enjoy the process of finding your hidden treasures.  


Make sure you tag me on your next thrift run!!

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