My Top 5 Favorite Online Stores for Clothing

I don’t think I’m alone in my love of shopping online! Unless it’s Thrift shopping, I’d rather shop online. If I can buy things online and have it delivered to my front door — I am WINNING!! But there are a few that are my favorites, and probably 90% of what I buy comes from online retailers.

Disclaimer: I shop at way more online stores than this however, I don’t want to overwhelm you with a very long list of places.

 Here are my Top 5 favorite online stores:

1. Amazon

I am sure that my #1 choice doesn’t surprise anyone who knows me or follows my Instagram page CapturedbyDartis. I am always using my hubby’s Amazon Prime account for the low low…to go on few shopping sprees. This is my number one place to shop online because it’s super convenient, very fast shipping, and I even use Amazon for gifts for my family & friends.

 2. Posh Shop Boutique

I love this website!! This is the place to go get your freakem dresses. Ayyyyyye!!

I shop here very often, especially when I want to feel sexy for a romantic date night or get ready for a girls trip. I found this place surfing the internet a few years ago and it never disappoints me.

3. Forever 21

I will forever be 21…. lol

Forever 21 offers super-affordable casual wear that is both stylish and cute. I love Forever 21’s online exclusive deals, they are a perfect way to pick up trendy items without breaking the bank.

4. Net-a-Porter

Listen, if you’re a lady who loves “budget friendly” designer brands, shop at Net-a-Porter! You can find all your favorite designers from Balenciaga, Chloe’, Tory Burch, and many more. Don’t forget to check out their causal wear, jewelry, handbags and make-up.


5. Nichole Lynel

I love everything about Nichole’s style! She turned a successful modeling career into a booming multi-million dollar empire. Nichole Lynel isn’t just selling clothing… she’s selling a lifestyle. She models pieces from her brand on her personal and business Instagram pages. Make sure you follow her for a chance to experience her pop up Sample Sales….they will get you all the way together. Thank me later.

Outfit Deals:

Romper: Forever 21

Shoes & Purse: Amazon


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