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I’m Dee, your DIY obsessed bestie that loves all things thrift. I began thrift-store shopping shortly after graduating college. The inexpensive, one-of-a-kind gems I discovered by searching through piles of lightly used garments made the whole endeavor seem more like a real treasure hunt rather than searching hours at a mall for the latest trends. I’ve been hooked ever since. I like to consider myself a little bit of a thrift connoisseur.  

I love shopping and traveling all while getting the most I can for my hard earned money. Like so many women, I adore fashion, but have to deal with budgeting. “Balling On A Budget” is my favorite saying now a days! Thrift stores, Ross, clearance racks, and etc…., are some of the places you can find me shopping for most of my deals. When I am not shopping I enjoy listening to music, reading hopeless romantic books, and creating DIY projects for around the house.

My blog Capturedbydartis has been a blessing in so many aspects of my life, and one thing that it has improved is my mental health. I’ve realized that writing is another way for me to express my hardships, self- awareness, and the many growing stages within my marriage.

I hope that you enjoy CapturedByDartis. Again, Thank you for visiting my site, I truly appreciate your support!

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